Tai-Gu Tales

Tai Gu Tales Dance Theatre takes six strikingly agile dancers on an arresting physical and spiritual journey. Founded in 1987 by choreographer Hsiu-wei Lin (former principal dancer with the acclaimed Cloud Gate), the company’s rich yet rigorous aesthetic merges Eastern cultural traditions and contemporary Western practices. The time-honoured concepts at the heart of this production are shaped by a personal concern for how human beings co-exist with each other and their environment. Rooted in such entwined, elemental forces as light/dark and love/hate, this is dance as a charged theatrical dream-ritual charting the cycle of life from birth to death and rebirth. Expect powerful imagery, emotional sensitivity and exceptional craft.

Learn more: https://www.twseason-edfringe.com/article_d.php?lang=en&tb=6&id=108

March 12, 2022
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